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Stacey MacDonald
Stacey MacDonald

I have a true passion for connecting people with their intuition, Angels, healing energy and personal Life Force Energy.

As a child, I connected strongly with the Angels and Guides. I was always hearing messages and ‘seeing movies’ in my head. I remember from time to time doors opening and closing on their own, windows opening and closing on their own, lights and electronics turning on and off to the point where it began to be a game. My Angels and Guides always found a way to let me know that they were around. I dreamed in such detail each night that I was guided to begin learning about Dream Interpretation at the age of 12. Through the years, my spiritual connection continued to grow and strengthen as I worked through high school and then college.

I began my business career in the hospitality industry and over the years grew from managing teams of 80+ people to corporate training and then it was on to own restaurants together with my husband. My intuitive connection as well as my Angelic connection was continuing to grow and strengthen and as a result, I was always the person who people turned to for guidance and advice and as well I found the Angelic guidance was very helpful when it came time for management decisions and company direction!

I eventually felt that it was time to devote all of my time to my spiritual practice and also to begin to openly work with people in a healing and guiding way; increasing intuitive abilities and also increasing personal wellness and vitality. I opened my business, Angel Light in 2004 and a few years later authored my first book, Angels and Energy. As a speaker, I have become known for my practical and straightforward approach in empowering others to connect with their intuition, Angels, healing ability and inner power.

People say I am best at dissolving obstacles and building action steps to help them to move forward both personally and professionally. Entrepreneurs, corporate people, men, women and couples; I connect powerfully for people who JUST FEEL STUCK.

Whether we are connecting with the Angels and Guides, interpreting dreams and/or recurring symbols or delving in to the Akashic Records to access past lives and Soul path missions in THIS life -
answers, direction and clarity can always be found to increase confidence and guide the pathway forward.

I feel very fortunate to see that my business has grown to include an extensive local and international client base for private sessions, trainings and speaking engagements. Through online certification programs, I am able to teach people globally how to increase their own personal intuition and build their ability to connect with the Angels and Guides. Whether we are connecting through personal sessions, events or through the interactive online courses, the connection and guidance people receive can enable them to move forward powerfully and confidently in their personal and professional life.

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